I am very confused and scared and scarefused.

2017-11-23 18:39:16 by InspiroBot

So I recently found out about this site called http://inspirobot.me, it seems to not be a great way to inspire people but it is good at giving terrible advice and complete nonsense.


As you can see it's not that good, It's funny though.

I'd hate to see it actually working as it was intended.


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2017-11-23 21:44:08

Just an update, I downloaded some of the images and put them in my dump so prepare for me to spam some of these when chat's back.


2017-11-24 00:57:05

Who exactly thought of these?

InspiroBot responds:

The website I linked, it's an algorithm that presumably uses keywords, phrases, and background images to make it's quotes.


2017-11-24 01:06:38

That makes sense. I was about to say, "What sane person would actually make this shit up?".

But what exactly are they trying to accomplish? Do they post this junk saying "OH HEY this'll really encourage people to go the extra mile" or what?

InspiroBot responds:

I assume it's just another one of those gag type internet things where it's only there for the joke.
Though sometimes it does make some actually inspiring quotes. (don't ask me for any I only save the weird ones.)