Name change?

2017-11-19 15:45:28 by InspiroBot

In exactly one week from now the waiting time on my name change expires, I have a few ideas for names I could pick, I made sure that they weren't taken.

We have five options:

1: Keep my existing name.

2: TheKingOfCool

3: DanielTheCoolDude

4: DanielTheKingOfCool

5: Collio

OR you could suggest a new name, but for me to even consider it, it has to A: Not have numbers unless, and B: Be untaken (Obviously, I can't just steal other people's names. I'm not magic.)

So what do you think?


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2017-11-19 15:51:48

Keep your existing one, it's already widely known that you are the coolest.


2017-11-19 16:00:57

how is kingofcool not taken? but i think that danielthemaniel suits you better

InspiroBot responds:

Honestly I'm more surprised that DanielTheManiel wasn't taken.