Chat broke.

2017-11-18 12:11:33 by InspiroBot

Well then.




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2017-11-18 12:31:43

sorry to hear that :(

InspiroBot responds:

Don't worry about me, I'll fight off the withdrawal by having actual social interactions with real people.


2017-11-18 14:34:07

aw man! i was gonna see my friends there!!! heck chat *CHUGS XXX*

InspiroBot responds:

I love how you seem really enraged at this yet you still censor yourself and say "heck".
Thank you, that gave me a good chuckle.


2017-11-20 00:18:47

I've been scrambling across NG trying to find out what triggered Bren to pull the plug...

What happened?

InspiroBot responds:

Alright, Here's my take on it.

Dre was(has?) basically having a shitfit over Sekhem (Typical edge lord troll) being Sekhem.
He ended up getting temp banned from the BSS because of it and decided to make several newspost claiming that both Tom and Malachy were racist and pedophiles just because Malachy banned him.

He then came to chat with another user's alt by brute forcing into it I think. (I dunno who's)

Once he was in chat he proceeded to post some user's private information and make both vague and direct threats.

After some time I left to play some video games and while I was gone Malachy banned everyone involved from chat and Bren ended up disabling chat to let the smoke clear and probably do something more about this whole ordeal, He even took down the Chat Support And Feedback thread as well as it's link in community.


2017-11-20 00:43:37

Holy Hell. That's a lot of stuff over just getting temp banned.

InspiroBot responds:

Yeah I have no idea, he just snapped and went all fucking edge "I'm going to make you all pay" mode.

At least he said himself that he wasn't going to do shit to me, That's good to know even though I doubt he's going to do shit to anyone.


2017-11-20 20:50:50

So how many times have they taken the chat down?

InspiroBot responds:

Don't know don't care.


2017-11-26 13:40:49

I was gone for a week and this happened... WTF are you guys doing, ONE WEEK, I can't trust you to keep things flowing for ONE week.

Gimme all dirty details, I wanted to scream about how I've been tortured by the military.

InspiroBot responds:

Yeah you don't leave us unsupervised for longer than a few minutes, otherwise stuff like this happens.

If you want to know what exactly happened I wrote the whole story as a response to one of the replies here.


2017-11-26 13:49:07


That's just bullshit.