List of my favorite bands/ musicians.

2017-11-17 14:34:28 by InspiroBot

Not exactly in order but here's a list of all the bands and musicians I like:

1. Blue Oyster Cult.

2. Spandau Ballet.

3. Journey.

4. Genesis/Phil Collins.

5. Foreigner.

6. Billy Joel.

7. David Bowie.

8. Electric Light Orchestra.

9. Supertramp.

10. Rush.

11. Metallica.

12. AC/DC.

13. Billy Idol.

14. Elton John.

15. Def Leppard.

16. The Who.

17. Deep Purple.

18. Don Mclean.

19. DragonForce.

20. Motley Crue.

21. Bon Jovi.

22. Scorpions.

23. Led Zepplin.

24. Billy Squier.

25. Garbage.

26. The Alan Parsons Project.

27. Tears For Fears.

28. Black Sabbath.

29. Styx.

30. Guns N' Roses.

31. Toto

32. Kansas.

33. Bad Religion.

34. Asia.

35. Abba.

36. Fleetwood Mac.

37. Yes.

38. Aerosmith.

39. Mr. Mister.

50. Depreche Mode.

51. Joe Walsh.

52. Duran Duran.

53. Living Colour.

54. KISS.

55. The Doors.

56. Pink Floyd.

57. Queen.

58. A-ha.

59. The Rolling Stones.

60. The Beatles.

61. Supertramp.

Yeah I like a lot of bands.


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2017-11-17 15:53:24

Nice! Excellent taste.

InspiroBot responds:

Thank you kind fellow.


2017-12-01 15:23:17

Ooh, interesting. Favorite Tears for Fears songs? I've only heard the album Songs from the Big Chair but I enjoyed that one quite a bit. What are your favorites by Queen?

InspiroBot responds:

My favorite Tears for Fears song is probably Shout, and Queen?
I'd have to say either Under Pressure or I Want To Break Free.


2017-12-01 15:45:13

Great picks. I've kinda burned myself out on Queen, but Under Pressure is amazing.

InspiroBot responds:

I know how you feel, when I first found out about Blue Oyster Cult I listened to them almost exclusively for months.
Of course I grew tired of them and started listening to other bands, Though I've started listening to them again.